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Dan’s Secret Service Luxury Auto Care is an exclusive auto care company that ensures you have a clean vehicle upon arrival each time we’re done.


You set a time, date, and location, and we will clean your car every week.


With Dan’s Secret Service, you won’t have to drive to the car wash and wait in those long lines to get your car cleaned.


Instead, we will take care of your vehicle while you are at work or home, and we

 don't even need your car keys.


We will give your car a mess free wash, meaning no big puddles of water or suds.

We guarantee to leave your vehicle looking how it should.


Not to mention, we are saving more water than conventional car washes and tons more water than washing your car at home the traditional way.


With Dan’s Secret Service, you are cutting out all the time spent driving to the carwash, waiting for your car to be serviced and the actual wash.


Now you have more time to do other things on your to do list.

Mess-Free Technique

We use a Mess-Free Technique that will not leave big puddles of water or soap in your parking spot, which means you can call us to any location.

Your vehicle will be clean, dry and ready to go.

                We're Also

Environmentally Conscious

We use about 60% less water than conventional car washes, saving water AND saving Lake Michigan from getting polluted by drainage.

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