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Interior Services

Tier 1  Interior

Tier 1 Interior Detail includes:

- Thorough vacuum


- Wipe Down Dashboard


- Wipe Leather, Vinyl, and  Cloth Seats


- Clean cup holders, door panels, vents etc.


- Trash Removal


- Windows Wiped Clean


- Steering Wheel Cleaned 

- Detail Cracks and Crevices 




For SUV's  $185


Our Tier 1 interior package will provide you with a very thorough vacuum and cleaning; it's perfect for getting your vehicle back to that "new car" look. This service is best suited for vehicles that are not in need of a deep clean, but a simple wipe down won't do the trick, either.  

Tier 2 Interior

Tier 2 Interior Detail includes:

- Thorough vacuum


- Wipe Down Dashboard


- Dirt Extraction from Leather Seats (Foam)


- Shampoo cloth seats and carpets


- Floor Mats Cleaned


- Cleaned cup holders, door panels, vents etc.

- Foam Dirt Extraction From Carpets

- Windows Cleaned


- Steering Wheel Cleaned & Degreased


- Center Console Cleaned


- Door Jams Cleaned


- Fabric Gaurd Protection from UV & Spills






( For XL Cars $250 )


Our Tier 2 interior detail package is perfect for you if your vehicle is in rough shape. Whether you are selling your car, or would just like to get a long-overdue clean, this is the perfect service for your needs. Dan's Secret Service will not let you down! 

Hypoallergenic Interior Steaming

Hypoallergenic Steam Detail includes:

- Vacuum

- Steam Dashboard

- Leather, Vinyl, and  Cloth Seats Steamed

- Steam Clean cup holders, door panels, vents

- Trash Removal

- Windows Steamed and Wiped Clean

- Steering Wheel Steam Cleaned

- Kills Bacteria and Germs

- Steam Carpets




        $280 for XL Cars


The Hypoallergenic Interior Steam Cleaning is the perfect alternative to using harsh chemicals. This detailing service uses no chemicals at all, only steam from water. If you have allergies, sensitive skin, small children, a newborn or are just environmentally friendly this detail suits you perfectly.

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