Interior Services

Tier 1  Interior

Tier 1 Interior Detail includes:

- Vacuum Upholstery Mats and Carpet


- Wipe Down Dashboard


- Wipe Leather, Vinyl, and  Cloth Seats


- Clean cup holders, door panels, vents etc.


- Trash Removal


- Windows Wiped Clean


- Steering Wheel Cleaned 

- Detail Cracks and Crevices 




For SUV's  $185

Our Tier 1 interior package will provide you with a very thorough interior vacuum and cleaning. It's perfect for getting your vehicle back looking new and clean. This package is best suited for vehicles that don't need a full on interior shampooing but a basic wipe down wont do the trick either.   

Tier 2 Interior

Tier 2 Interior Detail includes:

- Vacuum Carpets & Upholstery


- Wipe Down Dashboard


- Foam Dirt Extraction for Leather Seats


- Leather / Cloth Conditioned


- Floor Mats Cleaned


- Stain Removal

  (some extra stubborn stains may not come out)


- Vinyl or Cloth Seats Cleaned


- Cleaned cup holders, door panels, vents etc.

- Foam Dirt Extraction From Carpets

- Windows Wiped Clean


- Steering Wheel Cleaned & Degreased


- Center Console Cleaned


- Door Jams Cleaned


- Fabric Gaurd Protection from UV & Spills






( For XL Cars $230 )

Our Tier 2 interior detail package is perfect for you if you are just fed up with driving a car that looks like someone has been living there. If you have parents visiting, selling your car, just bought a car, or just need it deeply cleaned. If you have small children then your vehicle can get out of order fairly quickly. If you see animal crackers, cheezitz, or that weird sticky stuff you don't even know what it is then you will be very happy after this detail. 

Hypoallergenic Interior Steaming

Hypoallergenic Steam Detail includes:

- Vacuum

- Steam Dashboard

- Leather, Vinyl, and  Cloth Seats Steamed

- Steam Clean cup holders, door panels, vents

- Trash Removal

- Windows Steamed and Wiped Clean

- Steering Wheel Steam Cleaned

- Kills Bacteria and Germs

- Steam Carpets




        $280 for XL Cars

The Hypoallergenic Interior Steam Cleaning is the perfect alternative to using chemicals. This interior detail uses no chemicals at all, only steam from H2O. If you have allergies, sensitive skin, small children, or just environmentally friendly this detail suits you perfectly.


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