DIY Detail Boxes

The Silver Case

If your car isn't to bad but you could use a quick refresher! The Silver Case should do just the trick.


- Plug in Vacuum (lighter plugin)

- Detailing brush (1x)

- Premade cleaning solution (safe)

- Microfiber towels

- Air freshener 

Price: $25

Max renting time 1 hours

"The Box"

If your car needs a more in depth vacuuming and attention to detail, we have the supplies and cleaners necessary to get the job done. 


- Vacuum (needs power source)

- Detailing brushes (3x)

- Pre-made cleaning solution (strong)

- Microfiber towels (5x)

- Air freshener (Variety pack)

Price: $70

Max renting time 2 hours

Legendary Supply Drop

If you have time on your hands but don't want to pay the big bucks for a professional or you feel like you could do the job if you had the tools!
"YOU CAN DO IT!!!!" (in a funny accent)


- Vacuum (Will provide power source if needed)

- Detailing brushes

- Premade cleaning solution (Multiple)

- Microfiber towels (Multiple)

- Spot Extractor tool

- Steamer

- Drill brush( power source needed)

- Glass cleaner

- Air freshener (Variety pack)

Price: $100

Max renting time 3 hours